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Do you want to know the margin and the markup of the products you deal with? Use the App Retail yellow section, insert the purchase price, the applied discounts, the selling price and click on the tick.: in a while you will know the exact gained profit indicated both as margin and markup.
Do you want to estimate the margin and the markup you want to get by selling your products?.

Let use the App Retail green section. Touch the arrow and change the screen, insert the acquisition price to purchase discount, the selling price and the margin/markup you want to get, click on the tick and the problem is solved!.

Let’s see some example:


We assume to have a product that costs 85,00€ on which they purchase a 15+5 discount. If the price I sale this product is 82,00€, how can I estimate how much will be left and how much do I pay it?: I can insert the data and I will get the result in a while.

Now I can see that I’m going to get a 19,5% total discount and that I’m going to pay 68,64€. If I sale the product at the cost of 82€ I will get a 16,29% of margin and a 19,46% of markup.
But this is not the only things that Retail can do, let’s go to the following page, the App will keep the inserted data:


 In the green section Retail App, starting from the sale price and modifying the markup or the margin, we want to get, tell us which is the discount to ask for!.

In the first screenshot we,can see the same situation we accomplished in the yellow section and the 19,46 % markup we can get. But if we consider the markup too small, we can set it up, for instance, on 25% and by clicking on the tick, App Retail will calculate the discount to be applied on the purchase and how much I will pay the product in question.

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