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Let’s discover the gold version available pages: on the left you can see the settings page, on the right  the M&R app core: the purchase/sell page and the new sell/purchase page and its interesting new features.

Box, colors and key functions:

The yellow boxes indicate the fields you insert  data used by M&R to make calculations.

The green boxes display the calculation results and they can’t be modified.

The green tick allows to proceed with calculations: click on it to make calculation with inserted data.

The red cross deletes all data: on the left bottom of the screen you find the settings , on the right one use the arrow to display the following page (from settings to purchase/sell page, from purchase/sell to sell-out available from release 4).

By Pressing on different  buttons ( “taxable income”, “discount 1” etc) , the online support will be displayed.

Purchase section:

  1. VAT included cost: insert the VAT -included price to apply the discount to in this field  to get automatically the field 2 VAT-excluded cost.
  2. VAT excluded cost: insert the VAT -excluded price o apply the discount to get automatically the field 1 VAT-included cost.
  3. VAT: displays the VAT amount applied to the cost/ the percentage is displayed in the setting page and in the VAT button (equivalent to 0 in the example)

Discount section:

  1. insert the first discount applied to the purchase cost in this field/ select from settings whether applied the discount to the VAT included cost or vat excluded one. Insert any other discount in the field 2 to be applied after discount 1. In the field 3 a possible third discount.
  2. these fields display the taxable income purchase after applying a discount.
  3. goods discount fields (eg:5+2) available only in the M&R gold version. They’re added to the other discounts
  4. these two fields show the total discount we get and consequently the purchase taxable income.

Sell section:

  1. these fields display the percentage markup, the margin, the percentage margin and the 
  2. taxable income (field 2) you get when you sell at the “sale” box inserted price and purchase detracting discounts  from the cost. Alternately you can insert one of these 4 values, click on the tick to make calculation and all the other 3 values will be calculated together with the sell price. Let’s have a look to the example section.
  3. specifies the VAT sale amount/ in the settings you find the percentage displayed. If  the Fund Pension has to be calculated another boxe  and the equivalent value will be displayed on the left.
  4. this field displays the selling value/ the default setting is the same of the cost (catalog) to apply discount to or to the cost plus VAT if we choose to apply discount on the taxable cost. You can either modify and calculate again the margins and the markup or indicate a margin or a markup and they will be calculated.

Sell /purchase section:

Offered by the new release, this section calculates the discount to ask for to get some profit.

  1. insert the sell price VAT included or excluded (the opposite wil be calculated automatically)
  2. insert the profit you want to get by indicating either the percentage markup or the percentage margin.
  3. specify the purchase price to apply discount to: the red small dot shows whether the discount is calculated on theVat included price or on the taxable income.
  4. displays the discount we have to get and how much we’re going to pay.

To learn more go to settings help

For any further questions visit the FAQ page or go to the examples or contact us: assistenza@margine-e-ricarico.info



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