Case 4

I purchase a product: list price 78 euros. They aooly a 25% discount plus 5+2 discount in goods. How much do I get if I sell the product at the price list?

Let’s start from the price list VAT included (22% VAT selected from the control panel) and insert 78 euros in the list field. Insert 25% applied discount in the discount 1 field.

We still have to add the discount in goods: move on “Discount in goods” field and press 5 on the left one and 2 on the right one. 

Click on “GO” to display the results: the selling prices appear automatically as the price is equal to price list.

How much is left? According to this set discount, we will get a 52,98% markup, 22,14 euros of margin and a 34,63% margin.

 Let’s try to modify the selling price at 70 euros and you will see that the profit will decrease.


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