What M&R is?

What  M&R is?

The key of your business success is to have a concrete idea of your business markup.

M&R app provides you the basis to estimate the applied discount profit margin and markup

Who M&R is addressed to?

To everybody who needs to cost discounts, profit margin and markup out quickly. Representatives, shop keepers, freelances  etc won’t do without M&R anymore.

How does M&R work?

M&R app enables to estimates commercial activity profit margin and markup.
To be more precise, based on a set of discounts applied on a cost price, M&R estimates the profit margin and the mark up you get from the sale or purchase of any product, goods or service. Moreover, M&R calculates the selling price to get a profit margin or markup.

Which data do you need?

-the cost value from which the discount is calculated: from the panel settings you can choose a VAT included or excluded cost.

- the percentage VAT sale or purchase value: default value is 22% but it can be varied through the panel settings.

-set of discounts by percentage or goods: you can select to a maximum entent of 3 percentage discounts (M&R version with fee) plus a discount in goods.

-in all M&R versions you can find the Pension Fund value to be calculated, a useful tool in some jobs (eg. Veterinarians) while shop keeper can set 0 as value.

-alternativetly you can insert both the margin profit and the markup you want to get and M&R app will calculate the selling price to ask for.

 That’s all?

Absolutely not!. Thanks to the new release you will get the discount to apply in order to gain some profit!. Input the selling price, the purchase price to apply the discount to, choose your profit margin and click on the tick: you will get the discount you should obtain.

Is it easy to use?

You just have to input data and click on the green tick and you will get what you want in a while.
Do you still have doubt? Read the online support


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